Paul Gibbs and Tony Prischl, both jewelers with 26 years of experience, started a jewelry manufacturing company in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1975. The company, Elpato, produced many fine items of jewelry for both private individuals and wholesalers.

1994, after two years of designing and refining, they produced the unique "African Puzzle", in pewter. The puzzle proved to be very popular. Paul and Tony saw the need for a high quality, upmarket range of gift products to satisfy the South African local and tourist market. In July of 1996, ready for a change in careers, they formed their new company, Makoulpa. Makoulpa means tortoise in Creole.

Makoulpa has provided them with the perfect avenue to use their jewelry expertise to communicate their love of Africa and its wildlife through the production of a pewter range of animal accented products. "We find it extremely satisfying to accurately depict one of Africa's greatest resources, its wildlife, in each of our products," says Paul. "We are inspired by the challenge of creating functional products with the animal theme as our common thread." Tony adds, "Our goal is to develop a complete range of unique products that add value to people's lives in the sense that they are artistically pleasing and can still be used on a daily basis. We want people to live with the beauty of African wildlife."